Targeted RNA sequencing is a highly accurate and specific method for measuring expression of transcripts of interest, offering both quantitative and qualitative information. This method allows the identification and quantification of a subset of transcripts that are most interesting for your specific project. Specifically designed oligonucleotide probes are used to capture regions of interest, offering the possibility to study differential gene expression, allele specific expression, or verification of gene fusion events only for transcripts of interest.

With this application only moderate numbers of sequencing reads are needed for an accurate measurement of transcript abundances, reducing sequencing costs for scientific projects with a focus on specific transcripts only.

Our targeted RNA sequencing services include:

  • Profiling and comparison of expression on a customer-specific subset of transcripts in different biological sample
  • Allele-specific expression measurement
  • Detection of mutation events, such as single nucleotide variations (SNVs), gene fusions, or other specific coding mutations

TruSeq RNA Targeted


50 ng RNA