Both cancer diagnosis and cancer research benefit greatly from the advance of modern genetic analysis methods. These methods enable physicians to assess the mutational landscape of cancer in detail and base their therapeutic choices on the mutation status of many genes known to impact therapy response. They also allow a deeper scientific understanding of cancer development, progression and treatment.

We offer several methods to diagnose and study cancer:

c.ATG provides its services for numerous clinical studies in cancer research. These studies focus on:

  • The identification of actionable mutations for cancer treatment, before and after relapse, by Gene Panel analysis or WES.
  • The identification of mutations for individually tailored vaccination projects, for which WES and RNA-transcriptome analyses are combined to spot mutated genes, which are expressed in the cancer.
  • In-depth analyses of individuals and patient cohorts by Multi-omics studies, for which we provide WES, RNA-transcriptome and ctDNA) analyses.